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Not only did a Latino actor not play Tony, who clearly in real life looks like a Chicano, but his ethnicity is stolen from the Latino community at a time when Latinos have been demonized. Our real Latino national heroes if acknowledged would dramatize our patriotism and contribution to the United States.

Aside from its hotspots and many attractions, Austin has a variety of buildings and is unique when it comes to architecture[…]

    This article is a NiCLP Guest Commentary The Business Consortium Fund, Inc., a non-profit business development program of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, is supposedly the nation’s most comprehensive financing and business support organization dedicated exclusively to the ethnic/racial minority-owned business sector. It was created to be

    Lets face it Houston’s morning and afternoon commute can be tedious. If you are traveling from one end of the city to the other during rush hour, five days out of the week, you’re bound for frustrations. But the irritation your commute causes can be reduced by the

After the shocking episode from last week, no one believes it can get any worse right? Well so far, that statement holds true. The episode “Say the Word” was a tad tamer but nonetheless still shocking on a psychological level.

    As one of New York Times Best Selling fantasy young adult novels gears up for its big-screen debut, Beautiful Creatures actress Tiffany Boone who plays Savannah Snow in the movie, took time to chat with The Venture’s Monica Grimaldo on how she stays focused, her goals, and her

Halestorm’s recent album, “The Strange Case of…”, has helped them break through the alternative rock and metals scene. Their second album exposes their fans to the harshness of reality and simultaneously empowers them. Catch them in Houston at the beginning of November.

  For those who have not picked up a comic book since Frederic Wertham published Seduction of the Innocent, let me give you a brief introduction to Bane. Bane first came on the scene in 1993 in an extended storyline called Knightfall. At the conclusion of this story, Bane famously

  LatinaLista – Most everybody knows that not only are seat belts required by law but that they save lives. Unfortunately, there are some parents who think that as long as they have their kids strapped into a car seat their kids will be as safe as the adults in

  A high-pitched voice greeted me, “Hi there! Welcome to Twin Peaks!”, at the latest breastaurant experience to come to Houston. As I was waiting for Luis, my lunch companion, the aroma of spicy hot wings and smoked burgers filled the air. I was excited because I had heard many