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After going through scrimmage on Saturday, Houston Football steps foot onto the field, once again, Monday morning. Houston head coach, Tom Herman, held a meeting with the coaching staff this Sunday to determine the depth chart- but, not before the coaching staff made the players go through an exercise for

After evaluating and deciding on the roster over the weekend, Houston football marches onto the practice field once again with  two Saturdays left before the season opener.     Photos by Matt Flora

The Houston Cougars football team is in constant pursuit of meeting Tom Herman’s expectations before Saturday’s scrimmage. “They were dragging a little bit,” Herman said. “We saw that and we blew the whistle in the middle of stretch, put the ball down, cranked the music up and said ‘let’s go!

Houston’s head coach, Tom Herman, held one final practice before team scrimmage on Saturday. “Today was good,” Herman said. “We’ve been doing this long enough to understand yesterday was the eighth day in a row, and you’re coming off of a 150 play scrimmage before and you’re back in full

Having held their first scrimmage Wednesday on a humid morning, Houston head coach, Tom Herman, made sure the players were pushed to their limits. “This is the hardest training camp in football,” Herman said. “This is the grind (…). We scrimmaged today over 150 plays.” Herman got to see, firsthand,

Head coach Tom Herman and the coaching staff surveys the Houston Cougars football team during their first team scrimmage. Photos by Matt Flora

The Houston Cougars step on the practice field for the sixth time this fall, focusing their attention on the linebackers. Photos by Andre Brooks

Anderson Cooper at UH
Hours before the start of the event, University of Houston students began lining up at the Student Center Theater to attend an exclusive Q&A session with CNN host Anderson Cooper, who was in town to cover the last GOP debate before Super Tuesday.

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The stakes are high in the Lone Star State as the remaining five Republican candidates meet for the final debate before Super Tuesday. Texas is key on their way to the Republican nomination. The GOP debate will be broadcasting simultaneously in English and Spanish on CNN and Telemundo. You can

Dump Trump
The University of Houston’s decision to host the GOP debate on Feb. 25 has sparked a protest among students and community members calling on the masses to “Dump Trump”.