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Professor Bott and UH President Khator show school spirit in one of Bott's classes.
  No stranger to teaching excellence, chemistry professor Simon G. Bott has been selected as a Piper Professor of 2012 by the Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation. He will receive a $5,000 honorarium for his teaching at the University of Houston and was recognized by President Renu Khator at the beginning

  YOUTH ORIENTED NON-PROFITS BRING VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES TO UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON CAMPUS The Metropolitan Volunteer Program is hosting a volunteer information session, Thursday March 29, at 4:00 p.m. in the Tejas Room, located on the top floor of the University Center.  Guest speakers from Big Brothers Big Sisters, Bowl for

frontier fiesta
Frontier Fiesta was founded in 1939 by Dr. Kemmerer but came to an end during WWII. However, in 1946, shortly after the war ended, the UH tradition was revived. LIFE magazine even called it “the Greatest College Show on Earth” in 1958.

hector receives award for most active member
  Hosted by Will Davis, National VP of Events Come join the MAES Fundraising Committee! The meeting will train you in how to present proposals to companies to request funding for MAES. Your fundraising committee has already developed the MAES Proposal, and at the meeting you will be broken up

maes logo
  This year the 23rd National Leadership Conference took place in Houston Tx, where five members from the Mexican-American Engineers and Scientists chapter at the University of Houston had the exciting opportunity to compete against other chapters across the nation. What seemed to be a professional networking opportunity quickly turned

  The University of Houston’s Student Program Board announced that there will be a Gym Class Heroes concert on campus, free for all students. On Feb. 9, the surprise announcement of the Gym Class Heroes concert was made after the Dr. Seahorse concert. Student Program Board had been keeping this

Latino MTV made houston community college
  The casting call went out for HCC students wanting to be part of MTV’s three-time Emmy award winning series, MADE, and the students showed up in force. So many students clamored for a chance of being on the show that the producers closed the casting call 10 days before

SVN hosts
  Isaiah Peña and Sophia Pereira are the founders and co-producers of the movie review show “This Is.” The show is broadcasted on channel six of the Student Video Network for the University of Houston. In its second season of production, some complications have occurred. The show had to postpone

  During their third annual “We Have a Dream Summit” on Saturday, activists from FIEL, an immigrant youth organization, stressed to the audience the existence of the Texas Application for State Financial Aid. Through TASFA, qualified undocumented students are eligible to receive grants and pay in-state college tuition. “People think

  This November, fans of both visual and literary arts welcome a unique exhibition to the Bay Area. University of Houston-Clear Lake’s Art Gallery will present photography by Van Edwards with poetry by his son Joshua Edwards. Titled “Campeche,” the name of pirate Jean Lafitte’s colony on Galveston Island, the