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Having a job is a luxury many Americans don’t have. Those lucky enough to have one want to hang on to theirs at all costs. So, it’s not surprising that even when work conditions aren’t the best, employees don’t speak out for fear of retaliation. People have bills to pay
Confessions: My embarrassing story

You can’t avoid an embarrassing moment. They’re inevitable. When it happens, it happens. We’ve all been caught in a moment that’s so embarrassing you wish you could just disappear. Here’s a list of embarrassing stories that people decided to share with us.
Halloween Fright Night

There are plenty of things to do for Halloween around Houston, whether it’s partying until the ghoulish hour, or enjoying a night out with the family. Make sure to look around, as all the festivities are about to begin!
Jesús Salvador Treviño

Director, author and filmmaker Jesus Salvador Treviño will be at the University of Houston as part of the “Latino Americans” film screening on October 1. He will also appear at the 4th Annual Houston LibroFest.

Have you ever seen the hipster looking guy with the cool mustache? Ever seen a painting of melting clocks and thought what the f*#k? What does this mean? The name of that guy, is Salvador Dalí and his style of painting is Surrealism. According to Robert Goff in his book

After a four month hiatus, #bluebellisback! Selfies flooded everyone’s social media feeds this week annoying the crap out of some, but serving as food porn for most.     Jackpot!     Who said sugar was addicting?     Most likely to get turned into a meme     Duck

Have an annoying college roommate who won’t clean up after herself, or eats all of your food. Here are funny memes that reveal what it’s like to have a random college roommate.
Ilove my girls

For all of the newbies who have never been to a UH football game, here are the essentials for a successful tailgate.

It’s a guilty pleasure for most college students to check Rate My Professor before registering for classes. Whether you’re looking for that easy A, or you want to compare professors, here’s a list of the top ten lowest rated professors at the University of Houston.

Kanye West for President in 2020? Here’s five things that would happen if Yeezy was President.