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Morbid Angel played a packed House Of Blues Houston on Sunday, June 25, 2017.  Support for Morbid Angel came from Withered, Revocation, and Suffocation.  A last minute local slot was made available to Houston-based Desecrate The Faith. All pictures by Rick Custer and taken at House Of Blues Houston.

  By Emily Slater and Gabrielle Moore  The sun set behind John Hernandez’s family on Friday as they addressed a small crowd of press set up across the street from the San Jacinto Memorial Funeral Home. Family members spoke, in both Spanish and English, thanking media for their involvement. That’s

By Michelle Lecumberry  John Hernandez was choked to death by Terry Thompson just outside a Denny’s. Thompson’s wife, Chauna, Harris County Sheriff deputy, held Hernandez’s arms under her knees while her husband choked him, according to witnesses. When Cesar Espinosa was asked if he considered this a hate crime, he

Yep Leading up to Free Press Summer Festival, I was so excited to cover my first music fest in Houston. I’ve covered similar events before in Houston, but never an all-exclusive music one. There were various activities to keep the fans busy throughout the whole event with back-to-back shows for the 12

Here are some of the best cosplaying of Houston’s Comicpalooza 2017.

Cosplayers come and enjoy the festivities on the last day of Comicpalooza 2017 at the George R Brown Center.

Day two of Comicpalooza 2017 was met with more excitement with more cosplayers showing up in costume, displaying their creativity. Photos by André Brooks, Francisco Casillas

“The best way to teach a teen to drive is by example” these were the words Mike Spence of the lead facilitator for The Ford Driving Skills for Life program. The leading cause for teen fatalities in United States is car crashes. How does this program help? Click on the

Even the scorching Houston heat could not keep Viva Coogs down in the second annual Hispanic Alumni Champions League. They took home the first-place trophy alongside bragging rights for the rest of the year after defeating CMAS-AAP in the friendly soccer tournament hosted by UH Hispanic Alumni Association at Main