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Yep Leading up to Free Press Summer Festival, I was so excited to cover my first music fest in Houston. I’ve covered similar events before in Houston, but never an all-exclusive music one. There were various activities to keep the fans busy throughout the whole event with back-to-back shows for the 12

Esmeralda Ramirez-Peña is an organizer and volunteer for March for Science Houston.   As I complete my doctorate degree and prepare for the March for Science Houston,  I reflect on my scientific journey and on the moments that have shaped me into a scientist. I discovered that becoming a scientist

Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we? I am biased. I have biases. I think you’ve all approached this section of my news organization fully understanding I have my own opinions on certain issues currently going on in the world and I’m sure it’s quite clear by now I

Lin-Manuel Miranda raps at the oscars
Latinos were once again almost invisible in this year’s Academy Awards. Are Latinos are being offered the right opportunities or vehicles in Hollywood?

Everyone claims to be apart of the Beyhive, but not many followers of Queen Bey may know these facts.  The first group Queen Bey participated in was called Girl Tyme at the age of 12. Kelly Rowland is Beyoncé’s cousin. They were in Destiny’s Child together. Her first post Destiny’s Child

I’ve been using dating apps to meet men, and I’ve had my heart broken. I don’t blame the app. I blame men.

If your children are like my niece and nephews who enjoy science more than football, then Super Bowl Live at Discovery Green is an opportunity to Geek out before the game.

Being a Houstonian who doesn’t care about all the Super Bowl hype is a lot like living near the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. You live near a lot of artistic activity, near a venue for events which provides lot of quality entertainment to a lot of people. You hear the

For children, Halloween night is one of the best nights of the year. But trick-or-treating can be very dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. Few parents talk to their children about safety on Halloween night when is the deadliest night for pedestrians. Child pedestrians are killed more on October 31st as compared to any other days. Here are some few tips to be safe on Halloween.

Tonight’s the night. Last debate. Not that it’s necessarily a huge, momentous occasion. I mean, I didn’t even bother watching any of the presidential debates these past few months, and I still feel like everything’s going pretty normal. You know, as normal as one can be when the future of the