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French-Chilean Hip Hop artist Ana Tijoux performed at the 2015 SXSW festival in Austin, and gave an exclusive interview on her new album “Vengo”.

*spoiler alerts* Taking Place in Afghanistan after the removal of the Taliban, this documentary tells the story about the development of TOLO TV, a broadcasting station within the city of Kabul. With Afghanistan having very underdeveloped areas and having been repressed by The Taliban for a number of years, there

Web typography can be a very tricky thing to deal with. Often times people who don’t know much about typography will not know there is a wide variety of typographic features within typefaces. There are things known as small caps, old style numbers, different character sets for different languages. There

EGMN’s entertainment department will be bringing you live updates from the South by South West conference in Austin Texas. Look forward to articles, photographs and early movie reviews in the coming days.

The best horror films remind us about how terrifying the mundane world can be. There is horror in the unknown, but greater horror when things reside within the realm of possibility. Director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo’s Intruders tips its toe between the supernatural and ordinary to nice effect in what has
1394's Arts and Entertainment team- FUHA

    Anisha Virani checks out the latest nokia has to offer in the Nokia Lab domes at the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. Watch as she gets informed on the Carl Ziess Lens inside, the speedy software and the over all specs of the phones.
The Raid: Redemption features the most creative kill since the invention of the guillotine.

When you think movie festivals the types of movies that come to mind are normally documentaries or movies that examine some deep point of human interest. While those are all well and good (Brooklyn Castle has been one of my favorite documentaries far at the festival) The Raid: Redemption was

    Have you ever wanted to make a film but don’t have a script for it?  SXSW held a panel for those of you who want to.  The panel included the moderator of Strike Anywhere, Barry Jenkins, actress, director, and editor, Amy Seimetz, Film Editor, Nat Sanders, and the

    When you find me is the culmination of a large scale photography contest known as Project Imagin8ion where 8 finalists are selected from almost 100,000 thousand submissions world wide. Each photo won a different category such as setting, time, character, mood, relationship and more to help inspire a
The Source women

  The Source is a film documentary directed Jodi Wille and  Maria Demopoulos. The film interviews members of The Source family, a religious and spirtual group that developed out of the early seventies from a restaurant called The Source and takes the viewer on a journey into the happenings and