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Tale of a transfer

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One day, I woke up not knowing what to do the rest of my life. This wasn’t the first time that this happened during my three years in college. Since my freshmen year I changed my major three times; three times too many my parents would say. Deep inside I knew that my choices were made while thinking of a career that I heard was good, but I was never convinced it was for me. So that morning I knew that I needed to make a big decision – either keep going with the major I felt wasn’t for me, which I was already on track to finish, or again change my major and this time change campus too.

Why change campus? After three years I finally noticed that the campus, the classes and about everything else was too big for me. So this time I was looking for a smaller campus. In my case I was looking for a school with smaller classes, yet good teachers; also one that was cheaper and close to my house and that had a good program on the major that I chose, Spanish. When deciding which campus to choose, nostalgia took over me, and I decided to go for the “Sister” of my previous school.

Changing from the University of Houston, to the University of Houston – Downtown was a great choice. Once the semester started I noticed that UHD wasn’t as small as I imagined. The main building gave me the impression of a big school as you can always see lots of students coming and going, but once you step into the classroom that feeling disappeared. My classes had about 30 and 35 students, which helped me a lot when I was trying to pay attention, as I get easily distracted in big classes. UHD was perfect for me; it had everything I needed from a school.

When transferring you have to choose the school that best suits you which all things that you need and that you feel comfortable with. Sometimes you have the option of going to the best school, where the best faculty and resources are, but if you don’t feel comfortable there, you may not get everything out of that school. It took me three years to understand that. A lot of suffering and changes came in those three years, but that’s when I understood what Carl Rogers said. “The only person who is educated is the one who has learned how to learn and change.”



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