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Traveling on a budget: Europe

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Finals are around the corner and after five months of hard work and dedication is perhaps time to start looking for a summer getaway destination.

If you have been thinking about visiting the old continent and exploring its rich history and diversity, you will be surprised that by keeping in mind a few tips before travelling to the country of your dreams could actually be more affordable than you think.

Cheap Flights

Summer travelling is never the cheapest compared to ther seasons. Airfares are on the rise and airports are overcrowded; travelling to Europe is not the exception especially if you’re student on a budget.

Fortunately, there are several websites that offer great discounts to college students. One example is Generationfly.com, which only requires you to create an account and have an .edu email. Generationfly offers great discounts to almost every destination in Europe and is endorsed by top airlines like Lufthansa.

Another great website is studentuniverse.com. Although their discounts are not really the best in comparison with other sites, they offer great advice especially if you’re planning to travel within more than one country.

You can also buy a rail pass and the best deals is at raileurope.com where you can find deals starting as low as $200 for a pass that could take you to more than five countries.

Where to Stay?

The other burden for a student traveler is accommodations.

In Europe one of the most popular places for students to stay are hostels, which are  inexpensive pensions where you can spend the night and meet people your age from all over the world. Many of these accommodations offer free breakfasts or tour services at low rates.

One of the best websites for finding good clean hostels at excellent prices is hostelworld.com, which gives you reviews of the hostel as well as prices and amenities and also lets you book a bed or a room.

If travelling to Europe is in your horizon this summer, the best way to secure good deals is to start looking for flights and accommodations as soon as possible. Best fares, according to airfare analysts, are at their best prices four months before the date of departure.



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