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UH Autobio: Fair Labor Action Commitee (FLAC)

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The Fair Labor Action Committee is a grassroots student organization that envisions a society where the workers of the world who support our lives are free from all oppression. We evolved from UH Students for Fair Trade and UH Students Against Sweatshops, and maintain the tradition of persistent action towards policy change. We are coming together to have a stronger base as a collective labor rights group.
We organize to create sustainable strength and unity among working people and students, through economic and social self-empowerment and community for those who need it.
Points of Unity
    • We believe all humans are equal.
    • We believe that inequalities of power and treatment which exist in the University of Houston and the broader society do not come from inherent qualities of disadvantaged people, but rather from definitions, evaluations and actions made by those with more power, prestige and property.
    • We believe that the University of Houston community extends not only to the UH students, faculty and staff but to the workers who provide all products and services at the University of Houston and to the communities affected by the University’s decisions.
    • We believe that privileged people in all levels of society have the power and the obligation to work in solidarity with those less privileged to overcome these inequalities of our society.
    • We believe that movements of the less advantaged must be lead to whatever extent possible, by the people who are disadvantaged by societal inequalities, because an essential part of achieving equality is self-determination and self-empowerment.
    • We are affiliated with national organizations and work with various community organizations, but we make our decisions as a group on consensus basis by those who attend meetings.
    • We seek to create educational environments by opening spaces for critical thought about our social realities and perceptions, and by being examples of participatory social change.
    • Our focus is to educate and be educated by people from all levels of involvement, interest and awareness of issues related to our morals and political campaigns.

We are a non-hierarchical group with no dues. Our only membership requirement is to abide by and strive for anti-oppressive principals within and through the organization.

Our current campaigns are:

  • Ethical Apparel on Campus
  • Ethical wages and treatment of all on-campus workers
  • Fair Food at UH and in the Houston Community
Submitted By: Brendan Laws
Autobios are written by representatives from the respective organization for public awareness and do not constitute an endorsement by EGMN and its subsidiaries.  Unless otherwise specified, EGMN does not exercise any editorial control over the information you find on organizational Autobios.



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