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Racist Youtube video inspires Ching Chong Ling Long Restaurant

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Image used on CCLL Takeout website

Alexandra Wallace, a UCLA student who posted a video on YouTube that accused Asian students of ruining her life with their “ching chong ling long” language, has now inspired an Asian food delivery service.

Ching-Chong-Ling-Long Gourmet Takeout is Westwood’s “newest, sexiest, drop-dead delicious Asian-food delivery” according to their website.

The company released a statement about their efforts to combat racism:

” We believe that the best way to combat intolerance is through a positive cultural experience mixed in with a healthy serving of humor, and hope that after you try us, you too will feel that way.”

In the YouTube video, Wallace fumes about the number of Asians UCLA accepts and mimics an Asian on a cell phone among other disparaging comments.

After the incident, Wallace stopped attending UCLA because death threats had been reported. While there has been a backlash against CCLL Takeout, no reports yet if any threats have been made.

CCLL Takeout was started by Rachel Lee to provide UCLA with “quality, affordable Asian food” and was persuaded by two UCLA students that the name of the restaurant was an acceptable joke, according to the LA Weekly.







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