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Featured Artist Organization : Montrose Art Society (MAS)

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The Montrose Art Society was founded in February 2010, by a group of artists with diverse backgrounds, working and living in Houston, Texas.

Mission Statement

The purpose of The Montrose Art Society is to further help in developing and strengthening the artistic careers of each individual member, while engaging and interacting with the Houston community through the arts.

Each member is expected to be active in promoting art at all levels, whether through workshops, teaching, volunteering or curating art exhibitions. We believe in teaching and sharing artistic professional practices to help everyone with artistic interest achieve his/her goals successfully.

“We are a self-funding organization. We receive commission on sales of art to help maintain our organization’s activities and cover basic expenses. This is done by cooperating with individual artists and organizations. Donations are also accepted from corporate and individual sponsors.”



The group started out showing their work in a furniture store. For each show, the group would have to move 100 pieces of furniture onto a delivery truck so they would have room to display their artwork. After the reception was over; the furniture was to be returned to showroom floor.  Their shows were successful in attendance, but the workload was tough.

Nico Whittaker – Witch Doctor – mixed media


Raul Gonzalez – Hope Still Ahead – mixed media

Over the past year and a half, they have been recognized by the art community and community at large.  Venues now offer their spaces for the group to showcase and sell their work.  Many of the members are continuously asked to be part of group and solo exhibitions.

(From Left to Right)

Tony Parana ( 2 paintings) & Michael Abramowitz

(From Left to Right): Raul Gonzalez (far left), Eduardo Portillo (3 paintings in corner and center piece), Tony Parana (far right)

Installation by Eduardo Portillo


Artwork by Andre Amaral


Recently MAS added six new members through an application process that was open to all artists.

The group now consists of 12 artists, with only two members being originally from Houston.  So where is everyone else from?

Here’s the roster of artists.

Founding Members:

Tony Parana (Brazil) – President

Andre Amaral (Brazil) – Treasurer

Raul Gonzalez (Houston, TX) – Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Nico Whittaker (Argentina) – Web Design

Eduardo Portillo (El Salvador) – Curator

Michael Abramowitz aka “My Goodness” (Houston, TX)

New Members:

Juliana Alonso-Olarte (Colombia)

Alejandro Caiazza (Argentina)

Lauren Luna (Columbus, OH)

Tina McPherson (Washington, DC)

Adam Romero (Chicago, IL)

Roberto X. Torres-Torres (Puerto Rico)

If you happen to see this  banner around town, it’s because we have an exhibition or show occurring.

So make sure and stop by to see what’s happening.

To find out more about the Montrose Art Society, visit their website: MontroseArtSociety.com

You can also follow the group on Facebook: MontroseArtSociety


The group’s next exhibition will feature their 6 New Members.

Introducing the New MAS Artists

Friday, September 30th, 2011 6:30-9:30pm

Caroline Collective

4820 Caroline St. Houston, TX 77006

For more information on the event, click on the LINK.

Or RSVP via the Facebook Event Page.





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