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UH Students Going Abroad to Learn About International Architecture

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The University of Houston’s Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture is taking its students on a world tour. This summer, 14 fifth-year undergraduates visited Buenos Aires, Argentina. Next year, another group will venture to Barcelona, Spain. The goal of these expeditions is to broaden students’ perspectives on architecture and urban planning

The college’s new summer “Pan American Studio” allows fifth-year undergraduate architecture students to conduct field research in major cities that are primarily located in Latin America. Students observe these cities, document recurrent house types and learn more about the professionals who designed and built these structures. They also will visit major universities in these cities, meet with fellow architecture students and collaborate with them on projects. This summer, students worked with faculty and students in the architecture program at Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Once the students return to Houston, they develop new projects and deliver presentations detailing their findings and offering new architectural perspectives that can be applied in the United States.



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