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The Montrose Art Society presents New MAS Artists

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Caroline Collective will host The Montrose Art Society‘s New Members First Group Exhibition.
After sending out a “Call to Artists”, we have selected 5 new members to add to our group. We are very excited to work and grow together.

Friday, September 30th, 6-9pm

Caroline Collective

4820 Caroline St. Houston, TX 77004

RSVP on Facebook.
Juliana Alonso-Olarte
Lauren Luna
Tina McPherson
Adam Romero
Roberto X. Torres-Torres

About the Artists:

Juliana Alonso-Olarte
“My art is the home where my memories and inspirations meet with my abilities for conversation. There, my culture and believes layer my nostalgia as gossamer-thin tracings; I visually connect these intangibles to the passions and relationships of my daily life. While everything mingles, I zoom into the details to create.”

Lauren Luna
Art is the vessel by which Lauren Luna uses to breathe life into her creativity embodied with her perception. Inspired collections reveal a speaking artist through means of colorful verbage, to modestly announce how art is an intricate factor in her life. Lauren Luna’s paintings are layered with emotions, allowing her to speak visually her life journey on canvas.

Tina McPherson
Houston-based multi-media artist, Tina McPherson has a passion for awareness and self-exploration projects. She examines the notion that life is a highly complicated mystery that humans must understand with rational though and intelligence. Through her art, photography and design, her goal is to explore, engage and spark dialogue in order to help one discover and achieve this understanding.

Adam Romero
“My current work focuses on capturing human emotion. Emotion is very powerful; it touches every single person around the world and we identify with it. It binds us together as well as tears us apart.”

Roberto X. Torres-Torres
“I seek new imagery that mirrors time we live in and does not point at the past. I make 4-dimensional art in 2-dimensional media.”



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