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The Occupy Movement Spreads to Houston

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The Occupy Wall Street Protests have spread to major cities across the United

Peaceful Occupy Wall Street Protests spread to Houston. Photo: George Lupercio

States which now include Houston. Protesting began on October 6th in Market Square Park with pro-bono legal advice.

“The movement, Occupy Houston is a solidarity movement with Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together. We are basically standing with them towards ending corporate corruption and bringing about solution that will create a sustainable lifestyle for all people that will coexist with our technology and nature,” said Occupy Houston volunteer Jamin Stocker.

The movement began as an answer to alleged “corporate corruption” that is thought by the protestors to have had a negative effect on the economy. Amongst those who rallied together at the Occupy Houston protests were young adults, the unemployed, and college grads.

“Pretty much, I think that everybody is fed up with the way that corporate corruption is rampant… I have a bachelors degree and there are no jobs whatsoever for me,” said Jorge Tardin.

Unlike the protests in New York, where there were reports of foul play by the police department and antics such as blocking the Brooklyn Bridge, the Occupy Houston movement has proven to be peaceful at its core.

“We want to present a friendly face to everyone and let them know that we’re out here to conduct ourselves in a peaceful, non violent manner,” said volunteer, Dustin Phipps.

The movements have not only been promoted by youth, but also by other citizens who are feeling the economic crunch.

“I am one of the 99% that is being squeezed out of my living. I was unemployed for six months, and I know how hard I looked for a job. I actually worked temp for every day of those six months and it’s a tough job market out there. The middle class is being eliminated, and something has to be done,” said an anonymous protestor in her mid 50s.

Occupy Houston will continue striving to achieve their goal of ending corporate corruption in the United States by continuing to support Occupy Wall Street.



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