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Ford profiles Houston drivers in an effort to go Green

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What's under the hood of Ford's electric car
In an effort to remain a key player in the automotive industry, Ford is pursuing a green technology strategy that it’s introducing into many of its vehicles.

“Ford is invested in developing cleaner driving solutions that fit consumer needs,” said Carrie Majeske, product sustainability manager for Ford.

Houston was recently selected to host a fleet of the company’s environmentally friendly cars.

“While Houston residents tend to be satisfied with their current fuel economy rating, Ford still feels there’s a space for greener driving options,” said Majeske.

According to market research by, Houston drivers rank fuel efficiency the most important influencing factor when buying a car.  A surprising result considering the number of big trucks that cruise Houston roadways.

Among other findings, forty-nine percent of Houstonians prefer smaller cars compared to twenty-five percent who prefer a SUV.

To accommodate the shift in consumer taste from SUVs to small cars, Ford re-introduced the Ford Fiesta to the American market, which can get 40-MPG. The company plans to launch the Focus Electric, Ford’s first zero-emission, all electric passenger car, in late 2011

Ford continues to diversify it’s green strategy.  EcoBoost has been a boon for the company.  The technology essentially uses a smaller engine and adds direct injection and turbocharging to give consumers the power they are used to and the fuel efficiency they have asked for.

“I’m a college student so I don’t have a lot of extra income.  My fiesta was economical and has been good on gas.  My friends like the funky color.  I’m glad more car companies are going green.  I like the thought of saving the environment while reducing our dependence on foreign oil,” said Juanita Hernandez.



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