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Ruggles Green: A mouthwatering organic eating experience

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The hempandas could be eaten as a meal for those who don't compete in extreme eating competitions on cable. Photo by: Camilia Cossio
Ruggles Green, located in the heart of Houston’s City Centre is a creative, organic eating experience. The restaurant, founded in late 2008, is Houston’s first Certified Green Restaurant and a yummy, affordable option for lunch or dinner.

But don’t let the “Green” spin fool you; they serve the heartiest burgers imaginable, true to their Texas roots.

A local favorite is their “Hi-Protein Hempanadas”. Served as an appetizer, “Hempandas” come in a set of three and are typical appetizer size, but could easily be eaten as a meal. For $9, they are a heavy and healthy American version of the classic empanada.

The dough is made of hi-protein hemp flour and the inside is filled with a variety of blended cheeses, beef, seeds, and raisins that add a sweet taste to every bite. The dish is served with the choice of a green sauce (fresh garlic) or a red sauce (spicy tomato). If you’re not used to big portions, this little appetizer may force you into a delightful nap.

The menu is filled with wonders: wood fired pizzas, salads sprinkled with unconventional plants and fruits, spicy fish tacos, Quinoa Mac & Cheese, a plethora of local beers, and homemade-like desserts. And they never discriminate. Almost every dish can be made gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarian, as long as you ask your server.

Their all natural beef burger is mouthwatering and served on a whole wheat bun with lots of different greens, tomatoes, freshly sliced red onions, and cheese. The burger is served with a choice of house-cut French fries or thick sweet potato fries. There are so many great options that it may be wise to grab a menu and sit down a while before you get in line to order.

Ruggles Green is impressively modern. The bathroom, in particular, is very environmentally friendly. All the napkins have a recycle symbol. The restaurant is conveniently situated across from a plaza filled with water fountains that have fire floating on them at night, beautiful gardens, and live music every Friday and Saturday night. Ruggles Green has a great atmosphere where one can come relax and enjoy a great meal.



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