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Movie review show starts second season

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UH’s Student Video Network (SVN) allows students of any major to produce a show. SVN is a fee funded organization. Photo Courtesy: Isaiah Peña, Sophia Pereira and Christian Puente

Isaiah Peña and Sophia Pereira are the founders and co-producers of the movie review show “This Is.” The show is broadcasted on channel six of the Student Video Network for the University of Houston.

In its second season of production, some complications have occurred. The show had to postpone filming its first three episodes because of camera and computer editing problems in the studio.

However, Peña and Pereira did not let the complications hold production back. On Oct. 27 they caught up by filming the first three episodes in one night.

“Everything you expect to go wrong will go wrong so be ready,” said Pereira.

Since last season the co-producers now have a larger production team. With many more hosts, an editor and producing experience going into the second season.

“It’s a new me this season. Last year when I was put into the leadership position of the show, I felt like I doubted myself at the beginning. Now I am more confident with what I am doing,” said Pena.

Season two of “This Is” will have eight episodes, which is an increase of four episodes from season one.

Peña’s goal for the show is to feature more than movie reviews. He hopes to one day review other forms of media from music, UH events, video games and theater productions.

Pereira also wants to have more people help with the show and reach out to the audience.

“I would love to get feedback from the audience and please them. I want it to be watchable, so when people stumble upon this show they like it. I want to get more people aware and involved,” said Pereira.

Peña and Pereira are both majoring in media production and are hoping to pursue their goals in the field.

Peña is currently working on projects such as producing music videos for a local hip-hop artist. Pereira is the public relations coordinator for SVN. As the two co-producers lead busy lives, they look to their family for support.

“I have a ton of cousins and I am the oldest to go to college and stick with it. It makes me happy because I feel that I am playing a role model for my family. I hope my younger cousins can look up to me and see that they can do it too,” Peña said. “I love my family because they are selfless and from them I have learned many life lessons.”

After Peña graduates, he wants to become a filmmaker.

“I want to tackle anything on screen for people to watch. I want to experiment with videos on the Internet,” he said. “Media is changing so I want to experiment with it and be a part of it.”

After Pereira receives her bachelor’s degree, she plans to keep studying.

“I want to continue my education, but I don’t know exactly what field yet. I love school and learning. My career goals are acting, producing and directing. I want to move to LA or New York,” she said. “However, things in Texas are beginning to rise up so I might stay and try to get into projects in the Texas area.”

If you live on the University of Houston campus, check out “This Is” on SVN (channel six).



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