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Ride Rumblings: A Mustang for everyone

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The new Mustang offers civilized performance enthusiasts and commuters will love. Photo by: Edgar Veliz

Portland-The various new features of the 2013 Ford Mustang offer a new driving experience that starts before you grab the keys.

I drove the 3.7-liter V-6 coupe throughout the streets of Portland and its surrounding suburbs testing the 19/31-MPG claim and it’s new features. The route was selected by Ford and later modified due to the weather but the vehicle was equipped with all-weather tires that stuck to the road superbly.

At first glance the Mustang I drove offered an elegant smile through its grill that was redeveloped for this model. The additional LED strips near the headlight seem unnecessary but that’s an afterthought once you walk around the vehicle.

Cuando prende el automóvil lo primero que nota es el motor que ahora tiene lo mejor de dos mundos, más poder junto con más millas por galón.

The taillights were elegant in use and overall the rear of the vehicle seemed as aggressive as the front. A nifty feature added to this year’s crop is the pony hologram that comes from the bottom of the side mirrors.

The interior surpasses that of any car I used on this trip and the technology was much more user friendly. The interior of the V-6 was comfy and suitable for anyone under 6’5. The rear seats do seem congested but that’s expected from a sports car.

Cualquier aficionado del mustang le va a encantar la nueva tecnología que ayuda mantener los mejores pronósticos del automóvil.

The technology inside was a pleasure to use. The engineers I spoke with were extremely proud of the sound system that at one point surpassed the sound of the 305 horses this car can produce. The key to this system is the clarity it offers at high volume.

The navigation system is user friendly and reduces spelling mistakes by guiding you through the typing process. The voice commands were responsive and helped get us out of a rut towards the end of our trip.

Our journey began in the heart of downtown Portland where we tackled the morning rush. Once we left the city the route took us through a mountain road that brought out the best of this car. Its acceleration can provide a unique neck jerk that my driving partner found to be very pleasant.

The vehicle offers a new dual transmission that enables the driver to completely take over the car. I didn’t take advantage of this but as a passenger it seemed a bit too complex for the casual driver.

El automóvil tiene un sistema de alerta cuando maneja de reversa que calcula los espacios en tres niveles, cada uno se nota con el color en la pantalla.

As I maneuvered around corners the car didn’t require much work. It varied by turn due to the sharpness we encountered but overall the car wasn’t a hassle, the speed bumps were.

On a flat surface this car is at home and at times you forget how fast you’re going. Overall this vehicle can be a charm to drive in the city, out of the city and anywhere in between.

For the Mustang enthusiast looking for an upgrade, this model offers cost-effective apps that help manage and track the vehicles performance. For the driver looking for a flashy commuter this vehicle will not disappoint. Ford is essentially offering a mustang for everyone’s taste, whether it is performance, style or both Ford has an option for you.

Este automóvil es perfecto para el recién graduado o como un automóvil de fin de semana. Con tanta tecnología y un motor más económico esta leyenda del mundo automático supero  mis expectativas.

Before you sign the lease visit the Ford website for additional features. You can select everything from the body paint to the wheel size and prepare yourself for the $26,000 you’re guaranteed to spend on this edition.



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