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Big League Advice for Job Seekers

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Representatives from Time Inc., The New York Times and The Washington Post held an informative workshop geared toward the small market journalist that wants to break onto the national scene.

“We are the big leagues and we expect a lot in terms of performance,” the senior editor at The New York Times, Dana Canedy said.“ If there’s someone who isn’t at the top of their game we have to see a lot of potential to invest in them and see them grow.”

Social media censorship, ethics approach and networking were among the most discussed topics. The panel also addressed the difference between the traditional route of ascending into the big league ranks and the new changes brought by the new platforms.

The audience was primarily composed of students who were told that beginning in a major market is rare and that smaller markets offer the needed experience to jump onto the national stage.

The students also received tips on how to select clips and present their portfolio at an interview or at the career fair during the convention. Also, they received tips on what to master before they attempt to conquer the highest tier in their profession.

”We want to see flexibility,” Candey said. “We want to see that you own and have mastered the basics. You own the basics. You know your job!”



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