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Career Fair 101-Do your Homework!

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Beware and prepare to over-prepare! The job fair at Unity 2012 taught me various things and the most beneficial lesson has to be developing patience. I didn’t jump at my first opportunity to enter the career fair because I knew that I wanted to be completely aware of the environment and acclimate before I inserted my twist.

I was very pleased to see the results of this strategy. As I attended various workshops the recruiters shared their worst experiences dealing with prospective applicants during the convention and provided feedback on how to avoid such gaffs.

I took their advice and applied it to the work I was presenting and inquiring about. I took the prior research I acquired and expanded on it to develop the relationships I need to get the job I want.

So, if you’re new to the game start now! Research what you want to do. Talk to the people who can get you there and don’t rush. Take your time and do it right.

The slightest mistake could make the biggest difference. Organizations like NAHJ, UNITY and HAHMP are there to help and they’re a great tool when you jump into the professional ranks.



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