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“Breastaurant” experience at Twin Peaks from a woman’s perspective

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Twin Peaks does an excellent job of catering to its demographic- males.

A high-pitched voice greeted me, “Hi there! Welcome to Twin Peaks!”, at the latest breastaurant experience to come to Houston.

As I was waiting for Luis, my lunch companion, the aroma of spicy hot wings and smoked burgers filled the air. I was excited because I had heard many great things about Twin Peaks.

Not long after Luis arrived, our gorgeous, brunette server attended us. For an appetizer, we ordered tortilla chips and chipotle queso to calm our growling tummies. I could tell the crispiness of the chips from far away. Sure enough, they were crunchy with just the right amount of salt. The warm pepper jack cheese blended in perfectly with the chipotle. Slowly, our chips began to disappear.

The main courses were designed to appeal to their mainly male customer. There were dishes such as philly cheesesteak with mushrooms and jalapeños, home-style meatloaf with mac n’ cheese, slow-roasted rib-eye steak with green beans, and smokehouse burgers smothered with onions and BBQ sauce. The menu went on. I knew my allergic reaction to several red meats would ruin my food experience, so I played it safe with the chicken tender basket.

As our food arrived, I was shocked. Luis’s chicken-fried steak covered the entire plate. He laughed and asked our server, “How come you didn’t warn me?” with a loud giggle she replied, “I thought you could beast it up!” Several bites later, Luis was halfway done. As big as the steak was, he didn’t finish it. It He was content nonetheless with our drinks which kept getting refilled. My chicken strips on the other hand, were crispy and golden. The French fries were not so greasy, and along with my chicken basket came a delicious ranch sauce and bottoms up ketchup. I was in heaven.

While eating, I studied the decor of the restaurant. It was like a snowy, wooden cabin with animal heads that hung off the walls. Everything was hunting lodge furniture and a mixture of flat-screen TV’s that aired sports channels, making it a great place to hang with friends. An overcrowded bar was located in the middle of the restaurant. There were wall signs that read “Scenic Views” and “Come and get it.”

The uniforms the female servers wore were sexy and flirtatious. Red and black flannel tie-tops that exposed the top of their breasts, and tiny khaki shorts that flaunted their curves. Along with their regulation uniforms, they wore snow boots and cowgirl boots. It was then that I understood what the sign on the wall meant. Twin Peaks’ audience was mostly male, and they were there to enjoy the “Scenic Views”.

Besides my surprise with Luis’s plate, I was also surprised how small the parking lot was for a “much talked about” restaurant. When I had arrived to Twin Peaks, I had to valet park, which was only $3, but I was not impressed since I had to wait in the rain as they returned my car.

Although most of my friends spoke highly of Twin Peaks, it was like any other restaurant but with voluptuous servers. It was such a “great” place because that’s what my male friends made it out to be. The food was great and the experience was awesome. I vowed to return for those juicy chicken tenders.

By Edith Manzanares



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