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MAES hosts Science & Engineering Summer Camp

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MAES has always been dedicated to reaching out to the community. The ideals are based on connecting, tutoring, mentoring, and leading students into a future of opportunities. This summer the MAES familia put much of their efforts into making sure that the outreach met the surrounding Houston community.

The society has hosted and volunteered for events such as Science Extravaganza, Reagan Robotics and Booker T. Robotics/ Engineering teams. However, they had never developed an engineering/science camp before.

One of the campers, excited to make oobleck out of corn starch, water and food coloring.science camp before.

MECA (Multicultural Education and Counseling throughout the Arts) is an after school program known for promoting the arts. They have brought in many students from the surrounding Houston area and supported them in a wide range of arts.

The MAES Science and Engineering camp had projects that dealt with all sides of STEM majors. The students were asked to build indestructible buildings, make oobleck and create a flowchart on how to make a peanut butter jelly sandwich, which was quite interesting.

Many of the students that attended the camp were in at least one performance course at MECA. These children had been raised as artists so the idea of having a future in a STEM field wasn’t part of their reality.  As children grow, they begin to adapt more to the society they’ve been exposed to. It becomes difficult at a certain point of their adolescence to try and influence a future filled with opportunity and success. As a society, MAES wants to reach out to students of all ages. This was a great opportunity to become a part of a student’s mind, future and life.

MAES will be having their first General Meeting this week!
When: Tuesday, September 11th
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: SEC 100

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