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UH MAES takes leaders to Las Vegas

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UH MAES recently attended the 2012 MAES National Symposium in Las Vegas, NV. While most students would see a trip to Las Vegas as a great vacation from school, UH MAES spent most nights inside their hotel rooms studying. Dedication to academics is evident in the number of scholarships and awards that UH MAES students received at symposium. Three students, Elizabeth Martinez (Electrical Engineering Junior), Marisol Bustamante (Biology-PreMed Sophomore), and Myrna Garcia (Biology- PreMed Sophomore) all were awarded academic scholarships. These scholarships are based off of academic qualifications as well as a short essay they write about their background and volunteer service. Six UH MAES students received registration grants to attend the symposium from National MAES contributors such as Exxon and Lockheed Martin. Registration grants were given to Megan Planas (Biomedical Engineering Senior), Fernando Jimenez, Myrna Garcia, Lilian Rodriguez (Biomedical Engineering Sophomore), Homero Benavides (Mechanical Engineering Sophomore), and Edgar Nancanieno (Biomedical Engineering Senior).

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Beyond awarding scholarships, symposium provided phenomenal opportunities like attending workshops on Tips on Government Hiring Process, Career Management by BP, Identifying and Combating Microagressions in the Workplace, Preparing for career exploration and much much more. Three students presented research posters in the Undergraduate research poster competition; Bryan Lopez (Mechanical Engineering Sophomore), Megan Planas, and Osvaldo Rocha (Mechanical Engineering Sophomore).

MAES-UH chapter at the 2012 Symposium in Las Vegas.

In between workshops, there were numerous sponsored mixers and networking breakfasts where students would get one on one conversations with company representatives such as from the CIA, SPAWAR, Exxon, Marines, Lockheed Martin, Draper Laboratories, BP and more. These mixers acted as a pre-interview and were great for getting to present oneself in a casual sort of setting. Following these events was the career fair where numerous UH MAES members received formal interview invites as well as invites to sit at companies’ tables during the Gala Banquet to develop more personal connections with recruiters.

Not only did Symposium provide great opportunities and scholarships to members, but it also provided a means for UH MAES to represent the University of Houston professionally in a national event. UH MAES is proud to report that we received the Chapter of the Year for Professional Development award out of 32 student chapters. UH MAES is the only chapter to attend the symposium with matching attire the first day. The matching attire consisted of cougar RED polos with the MAES logo and black slacks. This makes UH MAES stand out among recruiters as a professional, coherent team of people and really portrays the chapter as organized and professional. Every single person who attended the National Symposium knows of the University of Houston chapter and many heard the Whose House chant. We were constantly complimented for our chapter’s strength in familia, organization and spirit. We are professional. We are fun. We are familia. WE ARE UH MAES and proud cougars!

The UH chapter after receiving the Chapter of the Year for Professional Development award at Symposium.







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