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One Direction’s ‘Take Me Home’ climbs the charts, group announces 3D movie

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One Direction had the third highest debut of the year.
One of the most popular boy bands today, One Direction, released their second album “Take Me Home” Monday night leaving millions of fans thrilled.

Less than a week after its release, the album climbed the charts in its first release selling over 540,000 . “Take Me Home” went from blissful, to melancholic, to romantic. It’s defiantly a new transition for One Direction from their last album, ”Up All Night”.

“They show more confidence,” Joanna Barajas,president of a Houston One Direction fan club said. “”Up All Night” was just the beginning of their career; however, the second album is more about their life experience.”

One Direction, didn’t only release their secondary album but they announced a 3-D movie, which will be in theaters in 2013.

‘’I’m super excited about the 3-D movie, I can’t wait to watch the boys on big screen,’’ Samantha Salazar, a One Direction fan said. ‘’I definitely think 2013 will bring them big things. I can’t wait to see all the awards they will be bringing home next year.’’

Niall Horan, a member of One Direction announced recently that they could be releasing 3 more albums in 2013.

Fans, Directioners, as they call themselves, are eager to see what One Direction’s next step is.



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