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The Best Commuter Cars from Ford

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Building on the sporty style of the 2013 Ford Fusion, MRT has prepared a fun and stylish street performer that will catch your eye,

Lets face it Houston’s morning and afternoon commute can be tedious. If you are traveling from one end of the city to the other during rush hour, five days out of the week, you’re bound for frustrations.

But the irritation your commute causes can be reduced by the car you drive and can make life easier and more pleasant. A great commuter car needs to offer smooth acceleration and smooth braking for stop-and-go traffic. It needs to have a smooth ride to insulate the driver from rough, deteriorating freeways and streets. The suspension needs to be sufficiently controlled so it doesn’t float around and making you sick. Audio and climate controls need to be easy to operate and not distract the driver’s eyes from the road. The driver’s seat needs to be comfortable; the cabin needs to be convenient, with cup holders for coffee and cubbies for your stuff.

Most importantly, excellent fuel economy is needed to minimize the costs of commuting. The first car from the Ford lineup that comes to mind is the 2013 Ford Focus. It certainly is smooth and quiet, gets smart fuel economy and is enjoyable to drive. Its suspension is nicely damped to soak up bumps on the morning commute yet controlled to encourage spirited driving on weekend jaunts through Texas road trips. The fabric seats are comfortable, the interior materials are attractive, getting in and out is easy, and the audio and climate controls are simple to operate.

Another slick car is the 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid. It is one of the new vehicles listed as Consumer Reports “Recommended Picks.” Recommended Picks are models that have average or better predicted reliability and that meet Consumer Reports’ safety standards. Although SAVING GAS is a huge determining factor to buying a car it isn’t everything. Little stuff matters over time.

According to government data, about 42 million Americans spend about 30 minutes in the car on their morning commute and about seven million commuters spend more than an hour.

Ford is well ahead of the game, the many technology features of MyFord Touch, lets the driver personalize their settings in music, social media or news, which makes a huge difference in their commute.

If you like carpooling, our city, believe it or not, has really embraced it. We are more likely to carpool than anywhere else in America. But those who ride solo, and three out of four Houstonians do, just slightly less the national figure, can ride guilt free.

Spice it up without getting a wallet burn with a new 2013 Ford Fiesta. It’s available as a sedan or hatchback. The hatchback has more cargo capacity, but both have features uncommon in this class, like the keyless ignition, and Ford’s SYNC system. And commuting will now be more entertaining than before. When carpooling, you can enable a wireless hub, your buds can browse the net.

Ford really concentrated in the important factors buyers consider – overall quality build, upkeep cost, reliability and longevity. Bottom line, be honest about your needs for your own commute and research which car best fits that lifestyle. You’ll need something spacious enough for comfort, efficient enough for decent gas mileage and durable enough to withstand the inevitable fender-bender.



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