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‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 5 “Say the Word” – What lies ahead has yet to come…

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**As a warning beforehand, this article contains MAJOR spoilers for the November 11th Episode of The Walking Dead. **

After the shocking episode from last week, no one believes it can get any worse right? Well so far, that statement holds true. The episode “Say the Word” was a tad tamer but nonetheless still shocking on a psychological level. The group is still recovering from the loss of Lori, T-Dog and the assumed dead Carol (being she went missing when T-Dog sacrificed himself for her). The main focuses of the episode were the hidden psychosis behind certain characters. The episode began with the Governor of Woodbury brushing the hair of a child.

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It soon rips off and the child is revealed to be a zombie. Through further dialogue from the Governor the audience also realizes that this child is in fact the Governor’s daughter and he is secretly keeping her in his house.

After the end of the last few episodes, the Governor has already come off as being one with psychological problems. This simply added more to it. It was interesting to see the director include this scene with his daughter because it was a direct reference to the exact scene that happened in the comic book series for The Walking Dead. Also in Woodbury and a plot focus, Michonne broke into the Governor’s house to steal her sword back and discovers a diary written by the Governor. All that was inside was a list of names with the name “Penny” bolded and underlined. The pages following this had pencil scratch marks all over the pages. It is later inferred that Penny was his daughter.

Soon after, Michonne is caught after killing captive zombies being held in the Governor’s backyard with her newly reclaimed sword.

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The Governor holds Michonne in a friendly interrogation as to what he should do with her. All he asked was that she joined his band of militia members but after she held a sword to his throat and walked away, it can be assumed that was a no. Michonne relays her suspicions about Woodbury to Andrea but sadly and not surprising, Andrea does not believe her and refuses to leave even when Michonne gave her an ultimatum. So Michonne left Woodbury and Andrea to venture out into the world back on her own. However after Andrea’s reaction to the zombie cage match (a match between Merle and Morales surrounded by chained zombies) Woodbury held later that night, she may have finally seen that Michonne was being the voice of reason.

Photo Courtesy of AMCtv.com

As a side note a few things showed for Daryl’s character. When Daryl went out searching for baby formula with Maggie in what is perceived to be a daycare, Daryl’s vision focused on an artwork on the wall with the name “Sofie” on it. And the same flowers Daryl mentioned to Carol in Season 2 in order to give her hope were placed on Carol’s empty grave.The audience can only assume that the matters of Sophie’s death and possibility of Carol’s death is affecting him. Another main focus of the episode was how Rick further reacted to losing his wife Lori. He became distant and instead of showing hope for his newborn child, he simply grabbed an axe and hacked at any and every walker/zombie he laid his eyes on in the prison. And after further investigating the prison to come across an engorged zombie where Lori’s body once lay, both Rick and the audience sadly realize that the zombie devoured the body of Rick’s wife.

Photo Courtesy of AMCtv.com

After shooting the wife eating zombie in the face and stabbing his stomach in anger a few times, a mysterious phone began ringing. Right before the screen cut to black, Rick is seen answering the mysterious phone with a simple “Hello?”
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By: Breanna Cleveland



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