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What is your New Year’s Resolution?

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The New Year is coming up soon so everyone knows what that means. The preparation of New Year’s Resolutions! It can be an interesting topic with a variety of answers from people. So we here at EGMN decided to ask some of the public of Houston what were a few of the New Year’s Resolutions.


Question:  What are your New Year’s Resolutions?



1. “My New Years resolution? Honestly.. Not to cut my hair and let it grow out for until the summer!”


1. “My new years resolution is to get the highest grades in my exchange program which starts on February.”


1.“My resolution is to read more.”


1. “Hmm my new years resolution is to learn how to cook.”


1. My new year’s resolution is to get stable enough to move out.


1. It is to start working out (legit though, I’m not just saying I’m going to), and to get better at playing the guitar. Oh and to leave my current job and find a new and better one.


1.  My New year’s resolution is to stop slacking off at school leave all those bad habits behind


1.“Self-control for my new year’s resolution.”


1. “To be a more prolific songwriter and filmmaker.”


Question 1: What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Question 2: Why?

Question 3: How do you plan to accomplish them?


1. “to be grateful for everything that I have and not take anything for granted.”

2. “because I feel like I have not done that this year”

3. “By being more grateful.”


1. “Not to eat as much.”

2. “Because I’ve been gaining weight.”

3. “By putting my self on a strict diet.”


1.”put my past behind.”

2.”Because it always haunts me”

3.”By moving forward, taking chances.”


1.”No more negativity, worry about my family being happy and start a healthy habit.”

2.”Because I’ve been very negative with others and myself and it affects me and my loved ones and i want to start being healthy because i want to be around for my son longer.”

3.” look at the bright side of things and be positive about everything to enjoy life and want to start a healthy eating routine and exercise to be healthy.


1.” to spend more time with my kids, and also to take my family on vacation.”

2. “My Family are the most important in my life and life is too short to wait until later to do it.”

3. “By taking my kids out to the park and watch less TV.”


1. “to loose weight”.

2. “to be more healthy for my family and exercise.”

3. “by eating healthy food.


1. “I want to bring sexy back, well sexy for me anyway.”

2. “I got a new positive outlook on things, so I feel good and want to look good.”

3. “Work out every morning, get rid of the glasses and wear contacts, buy new clothes and bring sexy back.”


Those were just a few of the publics’ New Year’s Resolutions. The New Year brings new opportunities and new chances for others, these resolutions are simply a start to them all.





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