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What’s In and What’s Out

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Fashion, it is an industry that can be a never ending and changing beast with every new trend around the corner. And for some trends changing, that is not always a bad thing. But what is possibly “in” for this season? We here at EGMN asked the public in Houston for their opinion on the matter.


Question 1: Now that the holiday season is here, what is selling the most?

Question 2: What’s not selling as well as expected?



Alexandra & Day, From Forever 21

1. “Right now what is selling well are the high low skirts, colored blazers, leggings, anything shier or sequenced, as well as leathered pants and skirt, but mostly colored pumps.”

2. “Lace, that’s one thing that we don’t get asked for as much as leather pants, sequenced shirts… etc.”


Kimberly, From Charlotte Russ

1. “Now that the holiday season is here, tights, dresses. Lots of sparkles.”


Question 1: What (clothing) item is most popular at the moment?

Question 2: What do you plan to wear for the holidays?





1. “I have noticed that mint color is in. And spikes on just about anything is very popular”

2. “For Christmas I plant to wear a navy high low skirt with a light pink top. For new years, well I’m not so sure yet.”



1. “Texans Jersey.”

2. “I want to wear a red fancy shirt with a black skirt and leggings with heels.”



1. “I guess warm colors, I don’t know I usually wear whatever I like I’m not too worried about fashion.”

2. ” I want to buy myself some boots and tights and sweater dress.



1. “I have no idea.”

2. ” Dark jeans, white dress shirt a dark blue vest, fresh white forces and a blue and white lid.”



1. “Colorful skinny jeans.”

2.” Lots of glitter, and a scarf.”



1. “I have no idea, I’m a guy so I’m not very fashion forward. I heard something about leggings or scarfs.”

2. “Honestly, I want to get me a suit.”


Such a wide range of differentiating styles from person to person seems quite apparent here in Houston. So maybe the idea of people following “trends” may be what is “out”, and the idea of people following their own style is now “in”. Maybe this isn’t a bad thing as the idea of following the cookie cutter mold, or what everyone else is doing and wearing, is not as popular as it used to be. Nonetheless, fashion will forever be changing as the wants and ideas of the public change.



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