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Tattoo Artists “Keep Austin Bleeding!”

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Artists left to right: Sideshow, Kevin and Weaver.

Hearing the phrase or reading a t-shirt that says “Keep Austin Weird” has become something usual. For whatever reason some may believe Austin is different, this would just add to it. Meet tattoo artists Sideshow, Kevin and Weaver (because that’s not weird) who have seen it all, on the body that is.

Whether it is on Austin tourists or residents, people have visited ‘13 MAG Tattoo & Body Piercing’ for all different types of tattoos. Weaver says “I have tattooed a rat tail on a girls leg for when she wears skirts, to light sabers on fingers for Star Wars fans.” So, if you’re ever on 6th St, Austin TX and feel like getting a tattoo, stop by and they will help “Keep Austin Bleeding!” as they use that phrase on their business cards as well.

211-B E 6th St. Austin TX

By: Angelica Rodriguez




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