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Choosing the right boots for Rodeo season

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Photo by: Stephanie Piña
A variety of boots for the everyday cowboy and cowgirl.
Photo by: Stephanie Piña

It’s the time to shine, to shine your boots that is. They say everything is bigger in Texas and that just may be right, starting with the big selection in boots. From snip toes, square toes; french toes to original toes, where can we begin? Rodeo season is around the corner and for all you once-a-year cowboys and cowgirls’, finding the right boots is important.

There are snip toes for all you fashionable ladies and gents. These “pointy” boots look good with anything from jeans to dresses and even shorts. Another type to choose from is square toes, and that’s what most Texans are going for this season. Not just because of their comfort but they’re great for working on the farm, out in the yard, and for wearing out on a Sunday evening stroll.

Steve Mcmahon, a manager at a local western store, shares his input about the different attire to choose from. “Rodeo season is when everyone updates their wardrobe; new jeans, shirts, boots, and cowboy hats. Lucchese exotic western boots is what we sell most of; Christmas time for cowboys is Rodeo season.”

Those who don’t like the snip or square toe look; there is still plenty to choose from. French toe boots are where you can get the best of both worlds. This toe shape isn’t necessarily as squared or pointy, it’s right in between, making it perfect for those who can’t make up their mind.

Those who don’t like the bulkiness of the square toe or the pointiness of the snip toe; round toe boots are still around.  This shape is great for those old fashioned cowboys that won’t trade that “ol’ roper” look.

There’s a perfect pair for every cowboy and cowgirl out there. Go out and try some on if you haven’t already.

When shopping for boots keep in mind that they should feel snug around the instep, they will break in and the leather will stretch once they are worn. There should be a little slip on the heel. If it feels anything like this you have found the right boot for you.



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