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Mango Fashionista: Blogger, painter and rule breaker

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mango fashionista

Hello everyone! It took me quite a while but I finally decided to make my blog, Mango Fashionista. I often get asked if I have one and I can now officially say, yes!

For starters a few basics about my fashion preferences are that I am fond of layering and vibrant colors. As a painter I incorporate lots of my art into my outfits. I love contrasting and simply having fun with every choice. I paint a world that only I can see in hopes of inspiring, motivating & awakening individuals in society.

I will be posting shots of outfits, tips, thoughts and simply anything you want me to write about. If you have anything you would like me to write about email me at mangofashionista@gmx.com and I will gladly post. Stay tuned and enjoy!

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