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Gabriel Iglesias brings it back Hawaiian style

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Get the recent DVD now
Get the recent DVD now

The American comedian released his fifth DVD on Tuesday. Gabriel Iglesias who calls himself ‘’Fluffy,’’ has taken his career to the next level.

His new ‘’ Aloha Fluffy’’ DVD was recorded live at his visit in Hawaii. His show composes key entertainment elements that are balanced and compared to real life situations. The comedian has talent to convert lifetime situations into jokes so that it is understood in an entertaining aspect.

Fluffy starts the show sharing his experience at Hawaii and explaining particular words people use there. He then takes the next segment to relationship and family issues. He explains in a humorous way the problems he has with his girlfriend and stepson.

The most entertaining segment is his visit to the Middle East. Fluffy not only converts his experience to an entertainment show but also tries to send a message. The whole segment is build up to have an open mind on certain situations and cultures.

Iglesias brings new elements which other comedians do not; he is able to entertain different audiences in a unique way. The audience, now a day, need comedians with Iglesias’s talent.

If you are looking for a great laugh and want to watch a comedian whom enjoys his work, this is a DVD you may want to purchase. Gabriel Iglesias has all the factors to make your day a great one after you watch his DVD. You can purchase the DVD at fluffyguy.com



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