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CentroVictoria Makes National News This Week

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VICTORIA, TX – CentroVictoria makes national news this week! The Los Angeles Times features Huizache magazine, the country’s premiere Latino literary publication from University of Houston-Victoria’s Center for Mexican American Literature and Culture.

LA Times Book Editor Hector Tobar interviews Dagoberto Gilb, CentroVictoria’s executive director and Huizache’s founding editor, about the significance of Huizache, the “ferocious riposte to those writers and editors who perpetuate a one-dimensional vision of the Latino U.S.”
“What I want Huizache to do is…to raise the awareness (and market viability) not only for publishers, but to educate our own about our own beyond what’s marketed by East Coast publishing,” Gilb said.

Huizache’s debut issue, featuring writers Sandra Cisneros, Sherman Alexie, Aracelis Girmay, and Gary Soto, shows the industry that there is a market for complex literature from the real population of the West.

The second issue follows the lead of its inaugural edition, featuring the leading voices in Latino literature—Lorna Dee Cervantes, Gary Soto, Luis J. Rodriguez, Michele Serros, Rigoberto González—as well names from the Southwest and nation—Naomi Shihab Nye, Beverly Lowry, Achy Obejas, and Carrie Fountain. Also in this issue, are the just-beginning, younger voices of Matt Mendez, Beverly Parayno, Melisa Garcia, Lupe Mendez, Laurie Ann Guerrero, and many more from across the country and continent. It also highlights the Librotraficante Movement, founded to defy Arizona’s prohibition of Mexican American Studies, with prose by its leader, writer and activist Tony Diaz, and poetry by Margaret Randall and Levi Romero.

Huizache keeps the tradition of fine visual art as well, exemplified in the cover art by César Martínez and Patssi Valdez, arguably the best artists working today, and the gorgeous panoramic photography of Houston’s acclaimed photographer Chuy Benitez.

“A better headline for my interview with the inimitable Dagoberto Gilb would have been ‘Dago Unchained.’ In this Q and A, Dago talks about his new literary magazine, Huizache, and what New York doesn’t get about Latino lit. He really unleashes. It’s sort of gloriously angry and insightful. Proud to bring his voice to the Los Angeles Times,” Tobar wrote after the interview.

“I wasn’t ‘unchained’,” Gilb responded, “only enthusiastic for our very great magazine.”

Huizache’s third edition, featuring National Book Award finalists Domingo Martinez and Tim Seibles, laureate poets Juan Felipe Herrera, Carmen Tafolla and Alejandro Murgia, Cristina Garcia, and many new voices. It will be out in the fall of 2013. For more information on submissions and subscriptions visit: http://www.centrovictoria.net/huizache.html

Link to LA Times Book Editor Hector Tobar interview with Dagoberto Gilb: http://lat.ms/13C06yc



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