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What You “Must Have” For Spring Fashion 2013; College Fashionasitas Share Their Thoughts

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“This season is all about bracelets, necklaces, and big earrings,” Flor Barrero, 22, said.

Spring season has arrived! Which means new fashion trends are out and ready to be seen among college students. Fashion trends are like new technology; if it’s “in” it is more than likely that people will soon be seen with it.

When people think about spring fashion they often think of flowers, bright colors, and patterns. Sandals and wedges for foot wear. Sunglasses and hats for accessories. And of course, dresses, skirts, and shorts are the spring attire.

But how to know what are some of the fashion tendencies and the “must have” for this spring?

“What colors are in?” This is the question of every season. Spring is recognized by its bright vibrant colors from canary yellow, coral, jade green, and lemon green to cobalt blue. But this year’s fashion trends have more to choose.

Pastels like mint, nude, lavender, icy blue, and blush pink are the trendy spring colors of this year. Adding to pastel colors for the season, are neon colors.

Mixing and matching patterns like stripes, florals, checkerboard, and polka dots are always fun to combine and this is “in” for this season.

Stripes come in different directions, from horizontal, vertical, diagonal to V-shape, which allows us to have a variety of options to create a fun and attractive outfit. Floral prints never fail during spring, but this year, flowers are bigger and brighter.

Cynthia Gonzales, 23.

“Polka dots are so attractive and edgy, they are fun and come in many different colors and sizes,” Cynthia Gonzalez, 23, said. “Flower prints are so much fun to play with, since they always come in a variety of different color combinations it is easy to match with almost every color.” Said Gonzalez.

Dresses are in all year long, but short patterned and maxi dresses are only in during spring and summer. Shoes are the perfect dress complement and a girls’ best friend.

Some new styles are the gladiator flat sandals and gladiator boots. Flats, wedges, pumps, and sandals continue to be a fashion tendency.

Denise Marroquin
“Maxi dresses I think are a must have, strapped flats, wedges, sandals, sunglasses, and shorts,” Denise Marroquin, 23, said


“Something very comfortable to accommodate the weather.” Said Denise Marroquin, 23.

Accessories complement and enhance the creativity and beauty of a person, definitely a “must have” for this the spring.

There are a variety of accessories that can help you create the flawless outfit you are looking for. From sun hats, satin scarfs, colorful bracelets, flower rings, big lively necklaces, rhinestone watches, to sunglasses.

Cynthia Gonzalez, Flor Barrero, and Denise Marroquin are fashionable college students always up-to-date with fashion trends.




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