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5 things at the Texas Democratic Convention that freak out Republicans

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The 2014 Republican State Convention became infamous for denying a booth to gay Republicans, harassing a Muslim student reporter and adopting a “crazy” platform that included an attack on vaccination. Here’s five things at the Texas Democratic Convention that will have conservatives calling the event an Obamanation.

1. Loteria
If Ann Coulter thinks moral decay is tied to soccer’s rise in popularity, imagine Rush Limbaugh’s reaction when he finds out how many Americans play Mexican bingo!

Twitter photo from @tmftx

2. Muslims
Islamophobia runs rampant in Texas infecting many at tea parties and gun ranges. Good thing Dems got their vaccinations.

Twitter photo from @lmcgaughy

3. Diverse groups of women
Every time a GOP leader mentions women’s issues it should automatically be followed by a foot in mouth emoticon.

Twitter photo from @wowdemocrats

4. Young People
It’s called the Grand OLD Party for a reason.

Twitter photo from @cvcoyle

5. Selfies on Social Media
Democrats have used viral campaigns to stop deportations and advocate for gay marriage. Republicans social media saavy consists mostly of Obama memes.

Twitter photo from @ChailleMcCann



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