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Five reasons college students don’t study during Halloween

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Almost any college student can agree that October is the most stressful month of the fall semester. With midterms rolling in during this time of year, one can only hope for even the smallest distraction from the hours of studying. What better distraction to this dreadful time than Halloween? Aside from enjoying some time with their colleagues and friends, students get to relieve some stress by celebrating this holiday. It’s the time for mindless debauchery normally reserved for Spring Break.

Dressing up

halloween university sororitycereals

When people think of Halloween, they first thing they think of are costumes. Halloween is the perfect time to be something that you’re not. You get to express yourself in any way you want, and you get to be as creative as possible! For most college students this means throwing on some bunny ears or a cheesy wig and calling it a day. Nonetheless, coming up with a costume idea is a great way to put midterms in the back of your mind even for a few hours.


halloween party college
What better way to show off your well thought out costume than at a Halloween party? College students are always up to have a great time with their roommates and friends. These parties are a great opportunity to leave the stress of those midterms behind, and enjoy the company of other colleagues. All while making safe and responsible choices, of course.

Haunted Houses

college guy scared

college student scared haunted house

If the party scene is not for you, an alternative some college students like to take is to get in the holiday mood! Coming across those frightening actors while you are waiting in line will definitely have you feeling the Halloween spirit.

Scary Movies

college guy watching scary movie

Whether you want to bundle up in your cozy dorm with your roommate, or have your whole floor meet up in the lounge, a scary movie marathon is sure to raise the hair on your neck this Halloween. Swapping the textbooks and flashcards for some popcorn and chocolate is a great way for college students to enjoy their evening!


college haunted-dorm  room decoration halloween

Scarecrows, bats, witches and skeletons are just a few of the decorations that are set up on front lawns during Halloween. Although most college students don’t have a front porch to decorate, they have a door, which can be just as fun!



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