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Victim of distracted driver speaks out on cell phones

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The National Safety Council estimates that approximately 25% of vehicle accidents were caused by driver cell phone use. Aaron Gabriel Delahoz, driver of 19 years, was a part of this 25% last fall when a driver rear-ended him during a red light while driving in downtown Houston.

What are the dangers of texting while driving?

It is very dangerous to text and drive, not only are you putting yourself at risk but you are putting everyone around you at risk. Your mind should be focused on the road, but if you are texting while driving, you are not focused on what is on front of you.

Have you ever texted while you were driving?

Being in a car accident caused by this, I wouldn’t want anyone to experience what I did. It has made me realize the danger associated with texting and driving, so whenever I step in the car I make sure to ignore my phone. I am aware that Austin has recently outlawed complete phone usage while driving,

Should Houston do the same?

Absolutely. It being such a huge city, we need to make Houston a driver friendly zone.

If it is as dangerous as everyone says, why do you think people still do it?

I believe society is too consumed with social media. They can’t even put their phone down when they are driving because they want to check their friend’s latest status update on Twitter.

Do you think talking while driving is more dangerous than texting while driving?

They are both equally dangerous. There are many campaigns led by celebrities trying to get society to stop using their phone while they are behind the wheel.

Do you think texting and driving pledge campaigns are helpful and are getting
their message across?

As much as celebrities are advocating the ban of texting and driving, people will still do it. As bad as this sounds, it is inevitable and it will always be around no matter how many people try to ban it.



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