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Sheriff Adrian Garcia helps launch National Immigration Task Force

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Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia met in Washington with Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Assistant Secretary for State and Local Law Enforcement Heather Fong and other officials Tuesday for the launch of the Law Enforcement Immigration Task Force, of which Garcia is a member.

The Task Force comprises more than 30 police chiefs, sheriffs, commissioners and lieutenants from across the county, of whom a dozen were in Washington Tuesday. It will underline the need for commonsense immigration reforms that will help protect our communities and promote respect for the rule of law.

“I applaud the recent work of the administration,” Garcia said. “These actions are good for public safety and allow for many individuals to come out of the shadows to work and live as law abiding residents.

“The president’s Executive Action will strengthen our ability to keep our communities safe while simultaneously strengthening our economy. However, these advancements are only made by Executive Action, and will therefore require legislative solutions.”

As the only US born member of his family, and as Harris County’s top law enforcement official, Garcia’s unique perspective continues to be invaluable to policy makers in the State of Texas and the Nation.



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