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Cougars tally another 3-set sweep against the SMU Mustangs

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The UH volleyball team gave Cougar fans a tranquil Friday night in their game against the SMU Mustangs.

UH would sweep all three sets, and, with their victory, improve their season record to 11-2.

The first set was dominated by UH, with SMU trailing throughout. The set concluded with a score of 25-17, but the Mustangs would not accept defeat so easily.

They came back with an audible determination that was evident with on-court communication that hadn’t been there before. They would lead by as much as four points. The Cougars would eventually catch up and win the set 29-27.

SMU entered the third set with even more dynamism than before. The Cougars struggled to match their intensity. An early four-point lead turned into six points as the Mustangs continued to capitalize on several of the Cougars’ serve errors. Finally, UH was able to tie it 16-16, and, eventually, they were able to defeat SMU 25-23.

Hunter Wise and Brookah Palmer led the team with 13 and 18 kills respectively.



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