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Salvador Dalí and Surrealism, What the heck does it mean?

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Dalí Have you ever seen the hipster looking guy with the cool mustache? Ever seen a painting of melting clocks and thought what the f*#k? What does this mean? The name of that guy, is Salvador Dalí and his style of painting is Surrealism. According to Robert Goff in his book “The Essential Salvador Dalí”, he explains that “surrealism was an artistic and literary movement that started in France in the 1920s and sought to express the inner workings of the mind through writing and visual imagery.” That’s why many of Dali’s works are weird and controversial.

Most of his works deal with sex, masturbation and his phobia for grasshoppers. Dalí´s paintings are a reflection of dark inner feelings, thus making his paintings interesting and popular among people of all ages. Dalí’s paintings make you interact with the painting itself by not giving it a specific meaning, but rather by appealing to your feelings. Dalí was strongly influenced by Sigmund Freud’s theories of the unconscious, meaning that through our dreams an animalistic side of our brain that we don’t know tries to talk to us.

Therefore, to understand Dalí you don’t need to understand Dalí but understand what you feel by watching his paintings. Do you know what I mean or maybe this is all a dream? Choice is yours, have fun figuring out .



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