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The Cougars continue their aggressive defensive play, cruise past Rattlers

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Houston head coach, Kelvin Sampson, had the Cougars firing on all cylinders against the Florida A&M Rattlers on Saturday night.

While guards Ronnie Johnson and Galen Robinson JR combined for 37 points, 12 assists, four steal and no turnovers, the Cougars’ defense managed to discombobulate the Rattlers throughout the night- causing 10 total turnovers.

“Our defense was a lot better,” said Sampson. “We are a defense that is going to create a lot of offense out of our defense, because we are athletic. We get in the passing lanes, we use our length and our active hands, get deflections and loose balls”

Like the previous game, the Cougars managed to set the tempo early on in the match, preventing the Rattlers from making any adjustments.

Unfortunately for the Rattlers, Florida wound up having no response against Houston’s defense in the first half, allowing the Cougars to go to in the break with a comfortable 47-20 lead.

“Our defense was a lot better,” said Sampson. “Our kids competed tonight. Our effort was outstanding. That is what jumped out at me about our team.”

After the break, the Cougars didn’t let up on their aggressive play, as they continued press the Rattlers, causing frustration amongst the players.

“Coach told me to go out and play aggressive and play fearless. That’s what I did,” said Robinson Jr.

The Cougars would continue to play aggressively until the end of the game, capitalizing on missed Rattler free throws and rolling on to a 97-52 win.

The Cougars weren’t completely perfect that night, as they fell victim to the new rules set by the NCAA this season.

“We foul too much, [and] I have to take some responsibility for that,” said Sampson. “Half the fouls that were called against us tonight would not have been called last year.”

Houston improves to 2-0 on the season, blowing out their opponent by 40+ points for the second straight game.



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