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Marco Rubio rally draws hundreds in Houston

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Super Tuesday elections are on March 1, and a Texas win is essential for Republican candidate Marco Rubio to compete against Donald Trump in the presidential election. Despite being repeatedly dubbed a “choker” by front-runner Trump, Rubio seemed to hold his ground during the GOP debate last Thursday.

Prior to the debate, Rubio was greeted by hundreds of supporters in Houston chanting “Marco” at the Marriott Hotel in South East Houston as he prepared for the last GOP debate before Super Tuesday.

The rally commenced with a prayer that set the tone for the religious atmosphere that followed throughout the event and the messages that Rubio conveyed.

“Our rights don’t come from the government, they come from God,” Rubio said.

He went on to explain his plans to repeal Obamacare and DACA, take better care of veterans, and localize the education system.

Rubio finished in second place in the Nevada caucuses, but has yet to receive a single state victory. The primary elections in Texas have 155 Republican delegate votes at stake, a big win for Super Tuesday.



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