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Voucher Line Party

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Voucher Line Party


It was finally Saturday morning, and as planned I was to head to the University of Houston early. Although I overslept I was able to have my morning coffee. As I  sipped my coffee my friend Matt sent me a message on Facebook. It was 8:00 a.m. and he was already in line to get the football voucher. As soon as I saw the message, I rushed to the shower, grabbed a red shirt and some sweatpants to get ready.

The University of Houston was to play the University of Oklahoma in a football game at the NRG stadium. I had never been to a school game, and I thought this to be the special occasion. The University of Houston was to give out 5,000 vouchers for students who didn’t want to pay for a full price ticket. There was an opportunity to get front row seats for $20.00 and I was not about to miss out on it.

I finished changing, and then headed to the gas station since Matt had told me he was hungry. I bought breakfast tacos and orange juice, then headed straight to UH. I got to the university around 10:00 a.m. and walked over to where Matt was sitting. It was a cloudy and humid Saturday morning. Only 30 students waited in line at this time. Some students sat on the floor while others called close friends to tell them of their whereabouts. Matt sat down on the floor as soon as I arrived. I gave him his breakfast taco, he devoured it. I looked around to see the students waiting patiently in front of the TDCEU stadium.

What started as 30 students waiting in line, slowly evolved into a massive party. As the hours progressed more people came by, bringing with them friends, tents, alcohol and coolers. As the fraternities waited in line they played upbeat music as they set up tents and  tables to play beer pong. Alumni spoke of the greater football days and others just sang and cheered with great pride of “U of H,” as it was formerly known.

Around noon, Coach Tom Herman made an appearance.  He handed out some free t-shirts and waved to the students. The student’s elation was felt in the atmosphere. Along with that excitement came the heat. As the clouds dispersed the sun intensified.  The humidity combined with the hot air made me sweat. My neck felt like it was burning, but thank goodness the people ahead of Matt and I had brought a tent. I stood up inside the blue tent for a while, it was still hot but it was better than burning in the Texas heat.

At 3’o clock Pink’s pizza’s workers delivered free pizzas to the students who had been waiting. Matt grabbed a box, and I grabbed a slice before it was too late. The box in Matt’s hand didn’t even last a minute since we shared the pizza with those who sat next to us. Everybody was excited and eager to get the voucher.

Some people wanted to sneak in, but the students ahead Matt and I were soon to curse them out, and called the police escort them out. They had a little feud with the two students that tried to sneak in, but it did not escalate to anything more than a verbal dispute.

When 5:00 p.m. came, security began to surround the front area. They set up tables and carried metal detectors to make sure everyone was safe. As they opened the gates to give out the vouchers Matt and I rushed to check our bags. Once the bags were checked, I was finally able to hold a lower level voucher in my hand!




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