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Houston Apathetic as Trump Leads Election.

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Trump is performing far better than expected and the lack luster turn out in the houston polls may have been an indicator. We went out to find peoples reactions at the polls. This is what some people had to say about this years election day.


Turn out

“Perhaps the turn-out was affected by the media’s estimated wait times. People didn’t want to spend four hours waiting in line.” -Tricia Minor



“The election was uneventful. It was hard to find polling site, and I was a little agitated. But it was the least amount of time I spent waiting to vote compared to previous years.” -Jim Gaff



Looking for change

“I feel like we are on a precipice. Not necessarily was very proactive for the candidate I voted for, but I was definitely against the candidate I voted against. And I feel that a lot of people feel that in this election where it’s kind of like you’re voting to go against the greater of the evils. It’s about just being proactive in that way and wanting to be more progressive in the future.” -Nicole Rothschild


Discouraged Voter

“This election is comical. It’s sad. I don’t think about it because what am I gonna do?” -Suleiman Telfah



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