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Q & A: Mi Familia Vota state director talks election’s impact on future

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A Latino voter surge in key swing states is predicted to be a boon for Hillary Clinton. This election cycle, Latino activists like Texas State Director of Mi Familia Vota Carlos Duarte have put in countless hours mobilizing Latino voters.

The Venture: Depending on the outcome, how do you think America will be affected by the results of the election?

Carlos Duarte: Regardless of who wins the presidency, these communities (youth Latinos and Asian-Americans) will continue to be engaged as they will have to either support or fight against policies that will affect them -immigration reform, DAPA/DACA, college affordability, women’s healthcare, income inequality, etc. I think it’s going to depend on the balance of power and the results in the Senate.

TV: With both campaigns and their surrogates putting out so much information via social media, how can the people determine what’s credible?

CD: Information is available to everyone from different places, but there is also a numerous of credible institutions that allows the public to fact check their sources. It is up to the users to go and fact check the information given to them. They give you the same information you’re already exposed to but not the alternative point of views.

TV: How do you think this election will impact future election?

CD: If we do not take advantage of the opportunity that we have now, we should use that to also change local elections. He figured out that once the propositions were explained to people, they realized that these are issues that they need to vote on and that their vote does matter.



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