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Social Media, Fitness, Health & Sex Appeal

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Social Media Fitness Explosion

       Social media has made a tremendous impact in the fitness industry. Fitness professionals as well as hobbyists convene on social media to share journeys, transformations, exercise routines and more to promote a healthy lifestyle. Anyone of any background can locate their particular interests through hashtags, whether it is yoga, pilates, weight lifting, and more.

       Along with those interests, enthusiasts can also indulge in healthy eating recipes, diets and be exposed to healthy alternatives for high calorie cravings. Outlets like YouTube also provide workout “Bootcamps” training regimens, and daily workouts to help you achieve your desired physique. Many competitors and enthusiasts share their journeys to motivate others through these outlets and based on the increase of gym memberships it’s working phenomenally!

       Exercise has also proven to have positive effects for both men and women in the bedroom!! It increases stamina, reduces stress, and improves physique and performance which develops a greater interests in sex. People are striving to be stronger, faster and sexier with the continued social experience that posting online provides.

       Social media fame is also a perk as the top pages accumulate millions of followers to seek advice or receive an inside glance on specific fitness interests. According to a recent Sprout Social survey 74% of people seek advice from social media sources in regards to the integrity of consumer products. With technological advances in cell phones, posting is only an app away as well as monitoring heart rate, activity tracking and calorie counting.  As a result we are witnessing a fitness motivated America, leading the rest of the world with 55 million gym memberships as of May 2016.  

5 Leading Health Applications

  • Nike Plus 1 Club
  • Map My Fitness
  • My Fitness Pal
  • Rock My Run
  • Strava

Top Instagram Pages

Filmed/ Edited & Music By: Matthew Barrett

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