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Top Five Overrated Valentine’s Gifts

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  Quality of gift equals quality of love?

Valentine’s day is a day for love and spending quality time with your significant other. Expensive gifts and overrated items should not be the focus of this day. Love is something to be celebrated with thoughtfulness and caring, not money. Here’s a list of gifts that you should skip.

  • Flowers: have short life span, overpriced, routine.
  • Chocolate: more gym time, not everyone has a sweet tooth. Its available year round.
  • Giant Teddy bear: takes up a lot of space, overpriced, will end up in storage or trash.
  • Jewelry: could end up lost, stolen, or pawned.
  • Heart shaped everything: loses the meaning of the holiday, excessive marketing.


Instead try these…

  • Custom playlist: thoughtful, shows a connection.
  • Hand made card: shows creativity, thoughtfulness to take the time to do it.
  • Hand written sentiment: intimate, surprising, traditional.

These gifts are budget friendly. They show how much you care by how much time you spend on it. We should do nice things even when its not Valentine’s day to show appreciation and thoughtfulness.  





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