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Taylor Hunter talks off-season prep before first Dynamo appearance

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With only hours until the season kickoff for the Houston Dynamo, Taylor Hunter sat with The Venture to talk about how he prepares for a grueling season in Major League Soccer.


The Venture: We’re two days apart from Dynamo season Kickoff match. Do you feel prepared?

Taylor Hunter: Yes, preparation starts in the off-season… the off-season is the best time to get prepared and stronger.


TV: What do you do to prepare physically for the season?

TH: Weekly fitness programs to keep a good rhythm… Cross-fit for a couple of days and train indoors.


TV: How do you prepare mentally?

TH: My family support back at Colorado has been supportive. I have good staff support…Indoor soccer is a good mental help. I talk to ex-MLS soccer players who give me advice. All of that helps.


TV: Are you ready to make your first appearance with the first team in Dynamo?

TH: Yes, I’m very exited to be here. I was here two years ago, and it’s always good to be back. The fan support is always great.


TV: How are your teammates feeling any locker room anxiety or excitement?

TH: We are all super exited, we are really exited to finally get that pitch and give the fans a great season.