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The Grimm Manifesto

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Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we?

I am biased. I have biases. I think you’ve all approached this section of my news organization fully understanding I have my own opinions on certain issues currently going on in the world and I’m sure it’s quite clear by now I don’t care who knows them. Frankly, it’ll make navigating my articles that much easier for you, so I’ll just go ahead and list them out for ya.

I am an ideological patchwork, just to put it simply.

I really don’t know where I am on the political spectrum anymore. That’s both a blessing and a curse, but the fact remains this Election Cycle of 2015-2016 has bounced me across the spectrum like a flippin’ ping-pong ball on Cocaine.

Only a few fundamental things have remained ironclad for me:

  • I believe in Natural/Human Rights, their sanctity and innate home within the human mind, and the requirement that any political ideologies or policies presented to me must not violate these Natural Rights under any circumstances, whatsoever.
  • I believe in Free Speech Absolutism, meaning anyone can talk about anything, at any time, with anyone, anywhere, all the time, until the end of time. And that no one has the right to limit or infringe this basic human right of yours through coercion, law, or force; nor will I take infringements upon my Freedom of Speech lying down.
  • I respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, am open to discussing the pros and cons they present, and am willing to discuss how to fix them without doing away with any of them.
  • I believe that at the absolute minimum, quality K-12 education should be a guaranteed human right, and that both State and private entities and/or individuals must secure this for all American citizens to ensure the health of our Constitutional Republic, as well as to keep our free marketplaces of ideas here in America thriving and flourishing for generations to come.  Whether this is achieved through a federally-funded public schooling system, a locally-regulated public schooling system overseen by individual states and/or local principalities, or by setting up a voucher system for kids to access quality private schooling with subsidies by local businesses/local taxes/locally-initiated funding initiatives. No matter the choice you prefer out of those presented, the fact remains that we must stop taking funds from education and put it back where it belongs; in the schools our children and our children’s children will attend.

These are more or less the core principles I hold most dear to myself, and that I am most unlikely to budge on. A friend of mine told me just today, (at the moment of my writing this first draft, actually), that this technically makes me a… Federalist…? I’ll need to look more into the wording of that, as well as more into the full, unblemished definition of what it means to be a Federalist later on.

But now I will make very clear some of the things that I am not just to streamline this introduction of mine a little further:

  • I am not a Progressive, which was news to me when that previously referenced friend of mine told me what “Progressives” were standing for nowadays, which apparently did not advocate for the casual, gradual normalization of currently-observed social stigmas into polite and common society via gradual cultural assimilation and acceptance. On that note, I am also not a Social Justice Warrior. In fact, I amuse myself frequently by entering into debates and discussions with them in real life and completely smashing them in intellectual debates. I’ve been threatened by them multiple times. I expect to be threatened many more times by them in the immediate future.
  • I am not a Marxist or a Communist. I believe both ideologies to be largely idiotic and self-contradictory at best, and Authoritarian and genocidal at worst.
  • I am definitely not a Fascist, though I’ve been called a White Supremacist in the past for agreeing with Trump’s $20 billion education grant by the aforementioned SJW’s, Marxists, Communists, and Progressives.
  • I am not a Trump supporter. If you wouldn’t mind, please stop calling me one.
  • I am not a Democrat because I don’t support the lack of ethics which breeds an entire party to lie for the sake of power. I am at the moment not a Republican for largely the same reasons as listed for the Democrats, though in my opinion, the Democrats are far more monstrous with their lies. They masquerade as the “Party of the Worker” when in fact they’re all corporatist shills aside from Bernie Sanders and a few, exceptional outliers. Basically, NeoLiberals and NeoConservatives repel me; and if the Republicans consider booting their NeoCons in the upcoming Congressional Election, I may be somewhat more inclined towards maybe calling myself a Classically-Liberal Republican. No guarantees of this,
  • I am not Partisan. Partisan politics repel me.
  • I am not polite, I am not Politically Correct, I do not support Trigger Warnings or Safe Spaces; all of these repel me so expect none here. Don’t like it? Feel free to take a long walk off a short pier.
  • I don’t care about your feelings. Facts don’t care about your feelings and neither do I.
  • I don’t shy away from debates or discussions, nor am I afraid of criticisms if they are genuine or if they reveal a flaw or hole in my logic. I do not wish to harbor beliefs/opinions/facts that are debunked, illogical, or just plain false, so if you think I am wrong please feel free to leave a response in the comments of my articles or try and get into direct contact with me to let me know what you believe my errors to be.
  • I do not fear new ideas. I fear people who take up arms in futile attempts to silence or destroy ideas, opinions, and statements that some (typically, only they, themselves) would call “undesirable.”
  • I don’t apologize for things I’ve said unless under truly exceptional circumstances. I will always concede that I am wrong about something or concede a defeat which someone may achieve when their facts win over my own, but I am not sorry for arguing when I know I damn well love every bloody second of it. Don’t expect any apologies from me for stating my opinion. I’d never in a million years expect you to apologize for your beliefs.
  • I do not tolerate Authoritarians or Totalitarians. Communists and Fascists I can respect to an extent, but if anyone- anyone– willingly and knowingly advocates for dominion over Natural Rights and Freedoms, you have become my enemy. I will ask you nicely once to please leave the discussion and/or my presence. I do not tolerate Authoritarians or Totalitarians on either side of the political spectrum. Period.

I realize these lists are likely going to turn some of you gals and guys off to me, if you haven’t turned off and left already.

For those of you still here, thank you for having enough interest in this article to read through to the end. I don’t expect this little section of mine to have any kind of cognizant theme attached to it apart from any current events that draw my political eye and/or ire, so I hope my opinions alone are sufficient enough entertainment for you. If not, I can always just ask my supervisors if they’ll let me swear a bit. Maybe I can have them set up a Swear Jar or something so I can be a bit more unhinged for you wonderful peeps.

I am expecting, since I am starting out right now, to try and have at least one article uploaded every other week to keep myself on a deadline.

I think that’s all that really needs to be said for now.

Oh! No, wait. One more thing.

Hope you all enjoy. 😉

That is all.


 – M. E. Grimm



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