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Ford Driving Skills For Life is leading by example

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“The best way to teach a teen to drive is by example” these were the words Mike Spence of the lead facilitator for The Ford Driving Skills for Life program.

The leading cause for teen fatalities in United States is car crashes. How does this program help? Click on the video to find out how.

The Ford Motor Company Fund, the Governors Highway Safety Association and other experts partnered up in 2003 to create a hands-on program to help students and their parents become safer on the road.

The philanthropic organization travels to different cities in the United States to give new drivers lessons in four major areas: distracted driving, driving under the influence, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle handling.

Their mission is that the drivers remember what they are taught in the program when they are behind the wheel and potentially save lives.


Video: Marlen Trevino & Abigail Guevara-Reyes

Music: Ride Or Die – Jabi feat. Raquel Cabrera



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